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Annual Meeting


2022's Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on the 24th of September at 1:00pm in Anchorage, AK, at a location to be determined. There is one board seat up for re-election this year. Look for a call for nominations later this summer. The application form can be found under the "Forms and Documents" page. Look for proxy information to be mailed soon (and make sure your address is up to date with BBNC).


Annual Meeting 2022

Shareholder Settlement Trust News


Recently the Board of Directors voted to recommend additional benefits available to shareholders through the settlement trust. Read more about this in the Spring 2022 newsletter here.


Far West Inc. Shareholders will have the opportunity to ratify the settlement trust at the next annual meeting. Read the settlement trust FAQs in the Spring 2022 newsletter here.


If you need to update your address, stock will, or any other important information, please do so through BBNC here.


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